Paris Est Un Escargot (comptines Et Chansons)

Beatrice Fontaine & Daniel Denecheau - Paris Est Un Escargot (comptines Et Chansons)

For poets, Paris is known as the City of Light or the City of a hundred villages, because it has always been a source of creation and infinite inspiration: it is filled with beauty and the pleasures of life. Songs in praise of Paris have existed forever, but too few of them have been written for children. In 2006 the recording “Paris est un escargot”_”Paris is a snail”_received a special award from France’s Charles Cros Academy that recognized this wonderful tribute from BEatrice Fontaine and lyricist/composer Daniel DenEcheau. BEatrice Fontaine sings Belleville and Bercy, Montmartre and Montparnasse in a style blending humour, gaiety and tenderness. This album is more than a portrait of a timeless city: it recalls the universe of PrEvert and Doisneau, a world of the young, and onlookers just passing by. Augustin Bondoux / Patrick FrEmeaux

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Datum: 1 september 2017
Formaat: Compact Disc
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