Paysages Sonores De L’inde Du Sud

Sons De La Nature - Paysages Sonores De L’inde Du Sud

This CD is devoted to the sounds of southern India, and more precisely those of the Auroville forest near Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu. This field recording was made by audio naturalist Bernard Fort and documents the natural soundscapes in both day and night, respecting the chronology of the birdsongs and their length, together with the silences and contrasting dynamics. These soundscapes also feature the wind, the distant ocean and the sounds of the forest itself, often caused by the presence of little mammals both in tree branches and on the ground. Patrick FREMEAUX

Artikelnr.: FA715
Datum: 1 juli 2019
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Sounds
EAN-code: 3448960271523