Portraits – Par Maurice Garrel, Bambou_

Serge Gainsbourg - Portraits – Par Maurice Garrel, Bambou_

This 2-CD set pays tribute to the great French singer Serge Gainsbourg who once declared: “As long as l need music to accompany my writing, I will never hold a candle to Rimbaud”. Modest_ Jean-Claude Maillard presents 78 titles by Gainsbourg without music to savour the power of his lyrics differently. Interpreted by Bambou, Maurice Garrel, Guy Godefroy, Sabeline Campo, BErangEre Basty and Huguette Maillard

Artikelnr.: FA8020
Datum: 1 januari 2000
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: WORD
EAN-code: 9782844680204