Rodolphe Raffalli Quartet Live `96

Rodolphe Raffalli - Rodolphe Raffalli Quartet Live `96

Recorded in 1996 at the “Six-huit” jazz club enthroned at the foot of Notre-Dame Cathedral, here’s the album that every fan of Rodolphe Raffalli was waiting for. The venue is equal to the guitarist’s great reputation, which made him an ambassador for French jazz outside France. Skilfully blending the candour of gypsy swing with melodies from the great popular repertoire, his playing is light and aerial, filled with delicate expressions and a rare elegance. This was Raffalli’s first “live” album, and it gave his audience a chance to measure his full artistic talents, backed by a sparkling rhythm-section and excellent sound engineered by Philippe Labroue _ a tasty “live” album which announced his “Brassens Tribute” of 2001, a record whose sales reached gold status for a jazz album. Augustin BONDOUX & Benjamin GOLDENSTEIN

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Datum: 1 juli 2014
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
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