Rolande Causse: Les Enfants D’ Izieu

Bulle Ogier (lecteur) - Rolande Causse: Les Enfants D’ Izieu

April 6, 1944 : the Gestapo of Lyon, under the command of Klaus Barbier, arrested 44 children. They all lived in a farm, near a small town (Izieu) in the French countryside. This camp had been set up to save Jewish children from nazi persecution or death. But on this day they were all captured by French collaborators. 42 children – the youngest being under 5 years old – were deported then killed in the camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Two teenagers were killed in Estonia. Only one lady from this group survived. She was 26 year old at the time – and came back to testify. The French author Rolande Causse has written a book to pass down this story to our children. An adaptation of this book is read, in French, by the actress Bulle Augier.

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Datum: 1 februari 2004
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