Rolling With Bolling. Integrale Claude Bolling Big Band

Claude Bolling Big Band - Rolling With Bolling. Integrale Claude Bolling Big Band

(3-CD set) With the heading Bolling (Claude) the dictionaries of the jazz specify he plays of the piano, was influenced at its beginnings by Earl Hines, Willie Smith The Lion and Duke Ellington, and often selected to accompany the largest musicians by the histoiry of the jazz. After having directed small formations, it created – in 1954 – a big orchestra which recorded for le Club FranCais du Disque. Facetious Boris Vian called it then Bollington. This big orchestra, Claude always sought to maintain it against winds, tides and modes. In France, as with the United States, this is not easy to make function today a big orchestra. Much work, of concern, musical and financial. However Bolling persists and succeeds. Because he loves the jazz, the authentic jazz. A so exceptional love he bored in more profitable and spectacular sectors that jazz : the film song and music. He also composes of the plays where it plays in company classical instrumentists (Jean-Pierre Rampal, Alexandre Lagoya, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Maurice AndrE, Jean-Pierre WallEz). Its “Suite pour FlUte” obtained in February 1981 the reward of the Golden Disc in the United States. In spite of these single successes in annals of the jazz, Claude Bolling returns to the head of the big orchestra. He composes, arranges, improvises, occurs in concert and records with Big Band. A dynamic orchestra, which swing briskly. Tonic and refreshing jazz where is reflected with each measurement the passion of Bolling for this music Frank TENOT (note 1982). Includes a 24 page booklet with both French and English notes.

Artikelnr.: FA5029
Datum: 1 november 2001
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
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