Savane D’afrique – Faune Et Ambiances Naturelles

Nature Sounds - Savane D’afrique – Faune Et Ambiances Naturelles

An astounding symphony of wildlife with a myriad of animal calls and bird songs in the savanna evoking the mood of the African wilderness. The sounds of the bush are not found anywhere else in the word. This disc plunges the listener into the heart of the wooded savanna along a large river in the Great African Rift Valley. Now being in the bush, let yourself sport with the hippos, watch battling baboons, thrill to the noctural yelling of hyaenas, be soothed by the lullaby of the doves. Breathe the eternity of Africa !

Artikelnr.: 10062
Datum: 1 januari 1995
Formaat: Compact Disc
EAN-code: 0747673100629