Strictly Classical

Claude Bolling - Strictly Classical

Claude Bolling, the great jazz musician, figures among those who have earned the right and the duty to compose music as they please, as well as the freedom to ignore that quest for originality. Bolling has already achieved his original `sound’. In this distinctive sound that is Bolling’s, one is surely aware of his impeccable composition. But what is remarkable in these classical offerings, is that at every moment we are struck by evidence of a delicate sensitivity, by a magical yet purposeful inspiration, not concerned with “what people will say”, or if it’s in vogue. For these fleeting and contradictory fads make us forget the very essence of music, which goes straight to the heart, bypassing the brain. Yes, Claude Bolling’s music is tonal. Yes, Claude Bolling’s music speaks of tradition. So what? What matters is that Claude Bolling’s achieves its purpose : to enthrall us, to touch us, to make us dream. His music does so with every note, and thus it becomes timeless. Featuring Marielle Nordmann : Harpe Shigenori Kudo : FlUte Roland Pidoux : Violoncelle Eric Franceries : Guitare Philippe Portejoie : Saxophone alto FrEdErique Lagarde : piano.

Artikelnr.: FA470
Datum: 1 april 2004
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Jazz
EAN-code: 3448960247023