Temoignages Historiques (1920-1994)

Voix Du Parti Communiste Francais - Temoignages Historiques (1920-1994)

This CD presents the major actors of French Communism history, through their voices. Chronological sound guide featuring speeches and interviews with all the politicians who have built, in France, the communist ideologie. Also featuring the major poupular songs of the communist movement. No ideological will nor political propaganda for Fremeaux & Associes, laic and encyclopaedic editor – but a place for one of the aspects of our political sound heritage, recording than Politic is a living matter, made with men and by men.

Artikelnr.: FA5120
Datum: 1 maart 2005
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Word
EAN-code: 3561302512020