The Indispensable 1949-1962

Fats Domino - The Indispensable 1949-1962

It is out of New Orleans that Fats Domino surged up to become the greatest black star of the 1950s and the first true rock superstar _ a giant among giants. His worldwide hits, such as “Blueberry Hill,” became so famous that they overshadowed the best of his excellent output. Yet one should not overlook the great blues performer, the Boogie Woogie piano virtuoso and the fundamental pioneer who let the world first discover the rock genre. Domino managed to cross over to the white, general public, and embodied racial segregation tensions during the early Civil Rights movement. Bruno Blum tells the unthinkable triumph of this simple man who, far from his smiling image, caused riots all over the country. There is no way around these six discs, which are indispensable to any rock or blues lover. This hand-picked selection highlights the cream of often overlooked works by an essential figure. _ PATRICK FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 oktober 2017
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