The Indispensable 1951-1962

Little Richard - The Indispensable 1951-1962

Little Richard was the most intense Rock singer ever, a precursor of Soul and a giant of Rock `n’ Roll, and his success first thundered through music in 1955: eccentric, extrovert, brilliant and wild, his exciting, incredible story made just as much noise. In the 28-page booklet accompanying this selection, Bruno Blum tells that story from the drag queen revues, the Blues and his triumphs in Rock to the Gospel years as well as his unbelievable comeback. This album is perhaps the most indispensable set in the whole series, and includes many rare recordings which are now finally available to the public. Patrick FREMEAUX “Richard is a supreme star. A once-in-a-millenium talent.” His producer Robert “Bumps” BLACKWELL

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Datum: 1 juli 2015
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