The Indispensable 1959-1962

Joan Baez - The Indispensable 1959-1962

The most accomplished interpretive American folk singer of the 1960s, Joan Baez became instantly famous after the release of her ¬first solo album. She embodied the folk revival with touching, sincere and often de¬finitive versions of ancient songs. A close friend of Bob Dylan’s, a nonconformist, nonviolence and justice activist, Joan Baez is a whole, freedom-loving woman of integrity who did much to inspire the hippie movement. Harmonised with ¬finesse by her own acoustic guitar, her flawless soprano voice formulates intense renditions of songs expressing deep feelings. Bruno Blum tells the story of her youth, her legend and the magic of her first recordings in a 28-page booklet. Patrick FREMEAUX

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Datum: 1 oktober 2017
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