The Opera Theatre Of Pingyao – China

Le Theatre Opera De Pingyao - Chine - The Opera Theatre Of Pingyao – China

“Pingyao Ancient City is the most complete model of ancient county towns of China of the periods of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its long history, the cultural relics and historic sites kept complete make the ancient city a historic live sample for studying the political, economic, cultural and artistic development of China. In 1997, Pingyao Ancient City was formally inscribed by UN Education Science and Cultural Organization as “World is Cultural legend”. To make people vividly experience the past splendid view Jin merchants had, and feel the social intercourse and amusement of the rich and powerful people of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Pingyao large Opera Hall was repaired to the initial condition as time demanded. FranCois Jouffa’s in situ’s recordings allow us to discover the outstanding tradition of China’s purest musicians.” Benjamin Goldenstein & Patrick FrEmeaux

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Datum: 1 september 2008
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