The Red Army Choir – Vol. 1 (troika Plaine, Ma Plaine

Les Choeurs De L'armee Rouge De Boris Alexandrov - Enregistrements His - The Red Army Choir – Vol. 1 (troika Plaine, Ma Plaine

Like the Bolshoi Ballet, the prestigious Red Army Choir is the cultural reflection of eternal Russia, and the extraordinarily powerful impression left on the listener by both soloists and chorus, who combine classical arrangements with spectacular showmanship, have earned the Choir international fame. Here we have the recor dings made by the son of Alexander Alexandrov, founder of the most famous Choir; first made available by AndrE BEnichou (7 Productions), they still prove to be one of the most potent forms of popular expression – regardless of their ideology – in the whole of the 20th century. Patrick FREMEAUX & Michel COLOMBINI

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Datum: 1 november 2011
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