The Red Army Choir – Vol. 5 (adelita, Soir De Moscou_)

Les Choeurs De L'armee Rouge De Boris Alexandrov - Enregistrements His - The Red Army Choir – Vol. 5 (adelita, Soir De Moscou_)

This unique collection compiled from the previously-unreleased archives of Boris Alexandrov’s Red Army Choir is the fifth volume in the series to take listeners deep into the majestic patriotic songs of the former Soviet Union. The orchestrations are magnificent, revealing the Choir’s full mastery of their vocal powers accompanied by traditional Russian instruments, notably the bayan and the balalaika. Patrick FREMEAUX & Laura BENICHOU Like the Bolshoi Ballets, the prestigious choir founded under the name of The Red Army Ensemble is a cultural reflection of traditional Russia. The extraordinary impression of power emanating from the choir and its virtuoso soloists allowed this Ensemble to reach international fame in a domain half-way between great popular entertainment and the classical orchestra. FrEmeaux & AssociEs is now reissuing the recordings made by the son of Alexander Alexandrov, the founder of the choir’s most famous ensemble. These recordings, first made available in France by AndrE BEnichou (7 Productions), testify – quite independently from any ideology – to one of the most important popular expressions of the 20th century. Michel COLOMBINI

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Datum: 1 juli 2014
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