Nature Des Tropiques – Tropical Nature

Sons De La Nature - Nature Des Tropiques – Tropical Nature

The world’s tropical habitats remained almost intact until the end of the 19th century. At that time they represented more than a third of the planet’s reserves of undeveloped land. What is more, these areas were so wild, so full of life, so inhospitable as to appear indestructible. Not so very long ago people referred to them as an impenetrable “green hell”. Today the entire tropical belt is under threat. This started with the arrival of the hevea plant but continues with forestry, the opening up of pasture for cattle, coffee and sugar cane plantations, not to mention mining. Nowhere has been spared: the forests of Amazonia, Africa and Asia are disappearing at a terrifying speed, taking with them complete ethnic groups, plant and animal species. Volume II of the “Dusk Choruses” series offers the listener a chance to hear various soundscapes from the areas under threat. All the recordings were made at locations, which at that time, could still be considered as “undisturbed”. Pierre Huguet

Artikelnr.: FA661
Datum: 1 januari 2008
Formaat: Compact Disc
Genre: Sounds
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