Tziganes – Souvenirs De Hongrie 1954-1959

Bela Babai / Sandor Lakatos / Lajos Boross & Imre Csenki - Tziganes – Souvenirs De Hongrie 1954-1959

The Gypsy music of Central Europe is a mix of classical music and folklore that was mainly standardised through the input of Magyar culture. It surfaced in the plains and villages of Hungary and bridged European and Asian cultures. It caused a fascination in the world of arts of the 19th and 20th centuries, through the Renoir and Matisse Romantics, and all the way from Django Reinhardt to Yehudi Menuhin. Patrick FREMEAUX This 3 CD anthology produced by Jean-Baptiste Mersiol goes back to the 1950s golden age, thus complementing Alain Antonietto’s “Tziganes Paris – Berlin – Budapest / 1910-1935′ (FA006), which was completed 25 years ago and is still available in this series.

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Datum: 1 oktober 2019
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